Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Max teaches Simia the days of the week

Dies Solis - Sunday              
Dies Lunae - Monday          
Dies Martis - Tuesday      
Dies Mercurii - Wednesday  
Dies Iovis - Thursday
Dies Veneris - Friday
Dies Saturni - Saturday

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tres Amici

Canis, puella et simia

Friday, February 17, 2017

Latin Verbs

Study these sentences. Do you see some patterns?

Phasiana edit. - The pheasant eats.

Alce currit. - The moose runs.

Rhinoceros currit. - The rhinoceros runs.

Leo rugit - The lion roars.

Canem video. - I see the/a dog.

Murem video. - I see the/a mouse.

Porcum emo. - I buy the/a pig. 

Felem curo. - I take care of the/a cat.

Canis pueram spectat. - The dog watches the boy.

Felis murem spectat. - The cat watches the mouse.

Puer puellam videt. - The boy sees the girl.

Puella reginam salutat. - The girl greets the queen.

Dominus servum salutat - The master greets the servant.

Frater meum amo. - I love my father.

Mater meum amo. - I love my mother.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Animales of the Farm

fundus - farm
agricola - farmer


anas/anates – duck/ducks
ovis/oves - sheep
vacca/vaccae – cow/cows
taurus/tauri – bull/bulls
equus/equi – horse/horses
porcus/porci – pig/pigs
caper/caprae – goat/goats
pullus/pullarum – chicken/chicken

gallus/galli - rooster/roosters
canis/canes – dog/dogs

felis/feles – cat/cats

Practice saying these Latin sentences out loud:
Agnus Dei  - Lamb of God
Canem video. I see the dog.
Porcum emo. I buy the pig. 
Felem curo. I take care of the cat.

Can you identify the words in the accusative case?

Latin words for animals

Creatures of the Sea

stella maris 



pistris - shark

testudo - sea turtle

piscis - fish

More Sea Creatures






Animals of the Silva





Alce currit. - The moose runs.

Mus video. - I see a mouse.

Phasiana edit. - The pheasant eats.