Thursday, December 1, 2016

Animals of the Silva





Alce currit. - The moose runs.

Mus video. - I see a mouse.

Phasiana edit. - The pheasant eats.

Animals of Africa





Tigris video.  - I see the tiger.

Rhinoceros currit.  - The rhinoceros runs.

Leo rugit. - The lion roars.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Ella and Simia Playing

Ella and Simia play ball

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Forest Animals

vulpes ruber

The Latin word for the forest is silva. Some animals of the silva include:

fox - vulpes                                    wolf - lupus
bear - ursus                                   deer - cervus
squirrel - sciurus
sciurus ruber

ursi fulvus

Fabula about ursi

Common Latin Words

Though Latin is not spoken today, Latin words are found in most of the languages of the world. Here is a list of some important Latin words.

alibi: elsewhere
alter: another
bellum: war
bonus: good
borealis: northern
corpus: body
derma: skin
dies: day
domus: home/house
ego: I/me
erectus: upright
gens: family
homo: human
malus: bad
magnus: great
nemo: nobody
omnis: everything
pax: peace
primus: first
qui: who
rex: king
sapiens: wise
terra: earth
tempus: time
virtus: virtue
vivo: live
vox: voice

A Tale of Two Princesses

Vocabulary review

fenestra - window
fabula - story
filia - daughter
puella - girl
magistra - teacher
silva - forest
terra - earth

new word: meta - goal

Verb review

laborare - to work
darte - to give
narrare - to tell

Watch this!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Porch Buddies

The pumpkin has the cross shape. What is this shape called in Latin?

Ella and Simia hang out on the porch.