Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spanish 2: Practice for Quiz on SER and IR

Spanish 2 students should use this material to prepare for the quiz on Tuesday, January 10.

Fui is the preterit conjugation for yo of the verb Ser and the verb IR. Yo fui can mean either I went or I was.

Study these sentences:

Yo fui ayer. - I went yesterday.  The word ayer makes it clear that the intended verb is IR, not SER.

Fuimos juntos. - We went together.  The word juntos makes it clear that the intended verb is IR. If you want to say "We were together" you would use ESTAR.  Estuvimos juntos - We were together.

Fuiste al mercado.  - You went to the market.

Mario fue alto. - Mario was tall.  This could be expressed using the imperfect of SER.  Mario era alto.

Since the conjugation of SER and IR is the same in the Preterit, how will you know which is intended?  You will know from the context of the conversation.  (Review the 6 sentences from your dictation on Wednesday, Jan. 4. These express different contexts.)

Paying attention to the contextual differences, translate these sentences to English:

  1. El bombero herido fue al hospital.      (herido - injured)
  2. El bombero fue un hombre grande.
  3. Mi yerno fue al mercado ayer.
  4. Mi nuera fue enfermera.
  5. Los estudiantes fueron a la clase.
  6. Fui a la biblioteca con mis amigos.
  7. Fuimos juntos.
  8. El abogado fue a charlar con el juez.    (juez - judge)
  9. Mis primos y yo fuimos a la playa el verano pasado.
  10. Luisa fue conmigo.

Show the teacher your work when you are finished.

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