Thursday, March 15, 2012

La Moda

El vocabulario

Escribir el inglés.

sin mangas -                                                a rayas -
de cuadros -                                                 mi talla -
reloj de oro -                                                pulsera de cobre -
chaleco de seda -                                         bufanda de lana -
guantes de cuero -                                       camisa de algodón -

ponerse -
quitarse -
probarse -
llevarse -
vestirse -

Escribir en espanol.

My brother is wearing a flashy (flamboyant) tie.

I am looking for a black sweater.

He needs a pair of new boots.

The mother put the coat on her son.

The woman put on the coat before going out.

The child took off his shoes and socks.

I wore new earrings.

The children removed their coats after entering.

I am going to try on this red hat.

They are going to wear new clothes.

My sister is going to try on this dress.

I am going to get dressed.

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