Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What is Language?

Here we see the word Hello and Good Day in 10 different languages.

Language is talking. It is how we tell our moms and dads that we love them.

Our moms and dads sometimes talk a lot, right?

One thing we all love to hear are the words "I love you!"

In Spanish, we say "Te amo."

Te amo means "I love you."

God loves all of us. That is why the Bible says "God is Love."

In Spanish that is "Dios es amor."

Dios means "God" and amor means "love."

Can you figure out the meaning of the Spanish word es?


We use language when we pray. When we talk to Jesus we say words to Him. Sometimes we thank Him. Sometimes we ask Him to help us or our families.

Sometimes we don't have words to say, but that's okay! The Lord Jesus can hear what is in our minds and our hearts even when we don't use words.

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