Saturday, September 24, 2016

Familia 1

Family song  Here are the words to sing along.

Ego sum puella 
matrem meam amo... 
 Ego sum puella 
patrem meum amo... 
 Ego sum puella 
soror meum amo... 
 Ego sum puella 
frater meum amo...
 Ego sum puella 
avia meum amo... 
 Ego sum puella 
provia meum amo...

In the Latin version of the Bible (Vulgate) we find Jesus describing Himself using the phrase "Ego sum..." many times. Watch this video of the I am sayings of Jesus.

Present conjugation of the verb to love - amare:

amo                                              amamus
amas                                             amatis
amat                                             amant

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