Monday, October 3, 2016

Identifying the Accusative Case

Nominative                                           Accusative
puella                                                    puellam
puer                                                       pueram
regina                                                    reginam
dominus                                                dominum
servus                                                    servum
mus                                                        murem
felis                                                        felem

How to recognize the accusative case

In the masculine and feminine singular the accusative always ends in –m.

In the masculine and feminine plural, it always ends in –s.

In the neuter plural, it always ends in -a.

Identify the accusative case in these Latin sentences. 

Ad oppidum veniunt. – They are coming to the town.

Ad filium meum lego. – I read to my son.

Incolae silvas amant. – The inhabitants love the forests.

Domine cartas dant. – The ladies give charters.

Exercitum videö. – I see an army.

Stellam videö. – I see the star.

Dominus servum salutat. – The master is greeting the servant.

Puella reginam salutat. – The girl is greeting the queen.

Felis murem spectat. – The cat is watching the mouse.

Canis pueram spectat. – The dog is watching the boy.

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