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Current as of 10 May 2018

Animals of the silva
Animals of the fundus
Animals of the mare
More sea creatures
Creatures of the hortus
Animals of Africa
Simia has fun in the Grand Cayman Islands
Latin names for birds (Part 1)
Latin names for birds (Part 2)
Resources for Latin instruction on animals
Animal Videos in Spanish
Review the Latin Words for Animals

The Fours Elements in Latin

Latin family vocabulary (Part 1)
Latin Familia (Part 2)

Hair Style of High Born Roman Girls
Roman Women's Clothing
Roman Jewelry

Latin subject pronouns
Spanish object pronouns

Basic Spanish greetings


La guerra civil en EspaƱa
Roman Soldiers Built Forts

Latin and Spanish anatomy
My, what a big nares you have!
Each one is unique
Pirate Simia
Parts of the body in Spanish

Latin days of the week
History of the days of the week
Days of the week in Latin

Latin narratives
Lacernella Rubra
Fabula tres ursae
Fabula tres porci
Tale of two princesses

Latin shapes
Shapes (Part 1)
Shapes (Part 2)

Miles romanis
The Roman Soldier
The Roman War Machine
Legionary Soldiers Built Forts

Latin roots and derivatives
Some Latin roots and derivatives
The Staying Power of Latin

National Spanish Exam
Practice - Nivel 1 (Parte 1)
Practice - Nivel 1 (Parte 2)

Roman Technologies
Materials Used to Make Roman Clothing
Roman Iron Gates
Lead Pipes in Ancient Rome
Roman Mold Blown Glass

Roman villa
The Roman villa
The Roman domus

The Four Seasons in Latin

Spanish casa
La casa (part 1)
La casa (Part 2)

Spoken Latin
Let's Speak Latin!
The Staying Power of Latin

Spanish: Practice with Ser and Ir
Basic Spanish infinitives
Latin verbs
Latin amare

Resources for Elementary Spanish Teachers
Latin days of the week

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